The Final Party (Rehab Las Vegas)

Fif-teen-years.  FIFTEEN YEARS!  What a run for Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  I’ve had the pleasure of capturing some of the best moments the last three years.  The Final Party was Sun Oct 14th.

So long Rehab.




Bellagio Gardens Xmas theme 2017

Hi all!

Even though I was sick with a major bug I had to get out of the home to stay sane 😛  It was Xmas day and I didn’t travel anywhere.  So I got my butt out of my room and drove to Bellagio.  Traffic was so bad getting off on Flamingo that I had to go around via Spring Mountain.  You’d think it would be fine getting into Bellagio that way but noooooo- traffic in that SINGLE lane (ridiculous that there’s still only one lane coming from the north side) was a nightmare.  Their parking structure is super small anyway so I headed over to Aria.  I’m glad they have the tram going between the properties.  I love riding it anyway.  I grew up on Disney monorails so the system is a favorite.

So once I got into the Gardens, it was PACKED.  Good thing I’m pretty patient when taking pics around tourists 😀  Hope you like!

Candlelight Vigil Route 91 Harvest

A few hours ago I was able to attend this vigil.  It was very touching to see everyone out honoring the fallen.

“The crosses in these photos were made by an amazing man named Greg Zanis . He is so humble and an amazing human being. He drove all the way from Chicago to deliver 58 of these for the lives lost. He has done this in other mass shootings as well. He was even giving out extra crosses.”

I’ll let the photos say the rest.

*last two photos are from a Sunset Park gathering