Slow mo lightning

Hey all!  Well it’s not much but a nice little 8 sec clip in slow mo of some lightning we had here Sat night.  I got one decent still that I’m editing.  The strikes were too infrequent to get anything better without an intervalometer.


Kevin Hart, Flo Rida, Gronkowski and more

These last few months have been quite eventful!  😀  Rehab had their grand opening weekend of 2017 at the end of April.  Got to do pics of Flo Rida, Kevin Hart and Gronkowski!  You’ll see Mojo Rowley in there too (wrestling fans).

Good times, hope you like the pics:

Look Hear Artist Showcase Feb2017

Holly came back!

Well at least for a few days and hosted another great Look Hear at Artifice 😀 Here are a few photos and check the entire set in the link below.  If anyone wants to purchase prints please email me 🙂

Full photo set (click here)